About Us

Since 1978

Modern Battery Company has been the Pakistan’s leading wholesale dealer of lead-acid, deep-cycle , Gel, AGM and VRLA batteries. Modern Battery initially began selling lead acid batteries and later moved into selling Gel and Dry batteries for commercial use. Our company is registered by Government of Pakistan in the year since 1978. We are supplying batteries of above mentioned companies to all the government/semi government/organization schools, colleges and universities from 34 years. We have vast experience of selling batteries.

Now in its second generation of family leadership, Modern Battery, under President and CEO Hafiz Abdul Rashid, is dedicated to building premium customer relationship. Modern battery provide battries in various  applications, including car, utility vehicles, floor machines, aerial work platforms, transportation, marine vessels, recreational vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles and renewable energy systems. All of Modern Battery’s products are backed by outstanding technical support and customer service. Our products are truly powering the planet. The Modern Battery team is proud of the company’s heritage and the premium batteries that we offer; hence the motto: Clean energy for life.™